“Over a year and a half ago, my now 12 year old collie Jack injured his cruciate ligament. My vet advised surgery but because of Jacks age I decided this route was too risky so I began to seek alternative methods. I decided on the conservative management route and thats when we found Karen at Limerick Canine Physiotherapy, and boy are we glad we did!
After months of controlled exercise, alongside extensive Physiotherapy sessions with Karen, combining massage, laser therapy, pulsed electromagnetic pads, and a home exercise plan to strengthen his muscles and regain mobility, Jack is now back using his leg perfectly and back to enjoying walkies- all thanks to Karen- he definitely has a new lease of life!
Jack still attends physio sessions with Karen as he has some arthritis and we keep an eye on his leg, he gets great relief from his sessions and just loves seeing Karen! He relaxed with her the moment they met and that doesnt usually happen with him and people in the veterinary profession! Ha!
Karen comes highly recommended from Jack & I”

-Kate & Jack, December 2021

“My dog, Zelda, suffered an anterior cruciate ligament tear. She was in a lot of pain and my vet advised taking the conservative route with regard to her treatment due to her age and the fact that she has a heart murmur. This involved months of restricted activity (basically confined to one room in the house – this was the hardest part for a hyperactive terrier!) interspersed with physiotherapy sessions.

Karen, devised a course of exercises which would help her regain mobility, balance and strengthen the surrounding muscles. The sessions lasted an hour each time and Zelda was massaged, put through a series of exercises and then spent a relaxing 20 minutes resting with a pulsed electromagnetic pad applied to the area. The sessions became enjoyable to Zelda as she was invariably rewarded with a treat (non-fattening!) and Karen became her new best friend. Karen also advised on diet, gave an exercise plan to follow at home and recommended a walking harness to improve balance.

Zelda is now back to her old self and enjoying her daily three mile walk without any sign of a limp. If your dog is lucky enough to be a suitable candidate for physiotherapy then the benefits, as in Zelda’s case, speak for themselves.”

-Louise & Zelda 

 “Timmy, our fifteen and a half year old Labrador cross has been attending Karen for almost three years. He suffers from arthritis and a bulging disc and is unable to tolerate medication.

From the very first visit the results were amazing! His mobility and playfulness noticeably improves. Apart from an occasional painkiller we have been able to manage his condition using physiotherapy. Timmy walks in to the treatment room each time on his own, tail wagging when he sees Karen. What better endorsement than that?”

-Ann Taylor & Timmy

“About three years ago we were recommended, by our vet, that our golden retriever, Jessie, would benefit from having some physiotherapy as she suffers from arthritis in her back legs and joints.  That’s when we met Karen.  At first we saw her every few months, but for the past several months Jessie has had treatment every second week and, as her back legs have weakened quite a lot (she is now 14.5 years old)  we have taken her to Karen every week for her session. Karen’s treatment has been first-class.  She is extremely professional, with a kind and caring attitude.  Regarding her medical expertise, at a recent visit she noticed a weakness in Jessie – as we arrived at the practice for her treatment.  She examined her gums and thought she looked a bit anaemic and discussed it with the vet who recommended a blood test.  That, unfortunately, turned out to be the case and Jessie was kept in the veterinary practice for one or two nights and put on a drip.  Thank goodness, she bounced back fairly soon – we have Karen to thank for that. Jessie’s legs have weakened so much that when she is eating or drinking, her back region lowers down and when we mentioned this to Karen she suggested a sling – to support her.  She went to the trouble of researching this online for us – and within a day or two we had bought the sling – which is a wonderful support for Jessie – (and us!). Karen is very attuned to any changes in Jessie’s physical or mental state. She has a gentle way with animals and obviously loves what she does. My husband Dave and I have every confidence in her ability and would thoroughly recommend Karen to anyone who is needing physiotherapy for their pet “

-Ferga & Dave Lee & Jessie, September 2020